Summer is cancelled as Stuart Webber kicks off the Norwich City revolution

Steven Naismith scored and was later sent off at Leeds.
Picture: Paul Chesterton/Focus Images Ltd

Steven Naismith scored and was later sent off at Leeds. Picture: Paul Chesterton/Focus Images Ltd - Credit: Paul Chesterton/Focus Images Ltd

The Stuart Webber revolution is well and truly under way and exciting times are ahead for our fine Norwich City Football Club.

Tenerife is off the cards for Webber this summer. His in-tray is about to pile up, big time. One thing for certain is the largest overhaul of players in the club's entire history isn't going to be completed in one summer. Patience is definitely required from the Carrow Road faithful.

I must sing some praises in this article. I'm very impressed and happy that both Webber and managing director Steve Stone have made the effort to speak to the thriving City fan channels recently. I think it says a lot about the way in which this club is going to be reincarnated for next season.

Fans have to come first and despite the club recently being awarded with an EFL family excellence award, there's more work to be done. I believe we had lost sight of our family club heritage, but it's clear to see that the board, with Webber, are already looking to claw back that soul that has been ripped out of our club.

That soul doesn't just live through the fans and staff, but the players too. A key part of our monumental rebuild is to establish an identity and style of football once again. Too long have we branded a mishmash of glorified hoof-ball and a disconnected midfield and forward line as 'the Norwich Way'.

I'll leave my opinion of whether he should stay or go out of this, but what I will say is Steven Naismith's latest performance sums up our season down to a tee. The final product is there, we know our players have the ability to deliver. But when they do deliver, they let themselves down before the final whistle. On paper I still believe our team was within the top three for the league.

However, it's time for a fresh start. The season-long lesson has been learned. A new era has begun, or as my good friend Jack Reeve says 'The Webberlution'.

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It's a real shame that I'm very pleased to see the back of all bar one of the released players this week. For me, the majority were way past their sell-by date.

Although I must say, Rhythm is a dancer...

John Ruddy, on the other hand, deserves a good send-off for the last home game of the season at Carrow Road. He has well and truly been a loyal servant to our great club. Don't get me wrong, he's not had a vintage season, but we've been way below par as a collective defensive unit. My personal Ruddy highlights all come within our League One to Premier League spell, where he was absolutely epic. How the man didn't collect more England cap during that period is beyond me. Respect and thank you, John.

Ruddy departing leaves a hole not just in between the sticks, but in the leadership department too. In a season where only Russell Martin had the guts to say it how it is to the press, it's essential we sign more players who have the same leadership qualities. Not just this, but have the edge to stand up and be counted when we're on a bad run of form. Players you can actually rely on.

Our captain's last interview at Colney speaks huge volumes. Respectfully admitting that if Alex Neil had left earlier, we would be fighting for Wembley glory once more. I can't stand the unfair criticism he takes week in week out. Yes, it's not been his finest season and I'm sure he is well aware of that.

The time has come for a clean slate. If we all get behind the board, Webber and, most importantly, believe, who's to say we can't end up performing as well as Huddersfield and in the promotion mix next season?

On The Ball, City!