A day in the life of a mummy blogger

Mummy blogger Chantal Starie Photo: Chantal Starie

Mummy blogger Chantal Starie Photo: Chantal Starie - Credit: Archant

Mummy blogging is very popular, but just when do mums find the time to blog? I spoke to Suffolk-based blogger Chantal Starie, who lives near Bury St Edmunds, to find out.

Mummy blogger Chantal Starie Photo: Chantal Starie

Mummy blogger Chantal Starie Photo: Chantal Starie - Credit: Archant

My day starts at 5am. That's when my youngest daughter Nirvana, two, gets up.

For some reason, even though we have three hours until we need to take my eldest daughter Mila to school it's still a mad crazy rush to the school run.

Mila is four and has just started primary school so I need to get her ready, get Nirvana ready and myself ready and then make them breakfast.

My husband David works shifts as a fire fighter, so I have to take Nirvana with me on the school run.

Chantal's daughters Photo: Chantal Starie

Chantal's daughters Photo: Chantal Starie - Credit: Archant

After we've dropped Mila off, Nirvana and I come home and play and I make myself some breakfast.

Sometimes she has a sleep. If so, I catch up on some housework and tidy up from our crazy morning.

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If she sleeps for long enough, I can edit some content I've written for the blog, note down a few reminders, edit some photos or get some posts ready to publish.

When Nirvana is up, we'll have some lunch. Every other day we go to a baby group, a fun thing for her to do.

Trying out products for the blog Photo: Chantal Starie

Trying out products for the blog Photo: Chantal Starie - Credit: Archant

In the afternoon, she'll sleep for another hour and that's my 'me' time. That's when I will have a hot cup of tea or coffee, time for social media or catch up on some emails.

Nirvana will then wake up – or I'll have to wake her up – and we'll pick Mila up from school at 2.30pm.

In the afternoon, we might meet up with friends in the park for a play date after school.

After dinner and bathtime we chill until their bedtime, which is at 7pm.

We've just put them into the same room to free up one bedroom as a playroom.

They sit on their beds for a story and, when they're in bed, I come downstairs, have my dinner and tidy up.

That's when I do most of the work on my blog, although sometimes I fall asleep on the couch at 9.30pm!

I set up my blog a year ago after I'd started to make notes on my phone and take lots of photos.

A lot of my family and friends said 'Why don't you do it?'

But I didn't know where to start and didn't know if anyone would read it.

Luckily my brother and sister are technologically minded and helped me set it up.

After publishing my first post, I got really lovely messages and feedback.

I'm a stay-at-home mum and I watch so much Peppa Pig… My blog is an outlet for me, something to keep my brain active.

• Find Chantal's blog at mamatogirls.wordpress.com

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