Sebastian Vettel’s drive deserves more than Formula One podium boos

The man is an undisputed number one however much fans decide to boo him. Photo: Clive Mason/Getty I

The man is an undisputed number one however much fans decide to boo him. Photo: Clive Mason/Getty Images - Credit: Getty Images

There is a frustration and a loss of interest in Formula One at the moment – stemming entirely from Red Bull dominance. In fact, it's more Sebastian Vettel dominance.

It's hard to work out what is more annoying – the German disappearing into the distance after a turn one overtake never to be seen again until the podium, or the fact any mishap Red Bull can't work through is seemingly always to Mark Webber's car.

But soon enough, once the stupid boos settle down, there will have to be a renewed appraisal of exactly who the racer is that's winning so much.

To win a fourth successive title this year – which is now a mere formality – is history. But it's delivered with an attitude Vettel is rarely applauded for – his overwhelming and relentless desire to win races.

Not once has he sat back or tried to work out exactly what he would need to achieve his next goal. For Vettel, it's all about destroying the opposition. And boy has he done that.

Greatness will come with success at a second team, and Vettel will know that. But for what he's doing at the moment, Vettel deserves far better than being booed off every podium he tops.

• In terms of building blocks to move forward, Caterham's announcement during the Singapore Grand Prix was about as important as they get.

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The Hingham-backed team confirmed they will continue to run Renault engines and energy recovery systems for the next three years – extending an agreement that started after the team's first season.

Given the 2014 V6 engines are at present something of an unknown, it does at least give plenty of hope for Caterham's future that they will go with a group they already enjoy a good working relationship with.

It was never really in doubt either, as there are some pretty close links between the two companies that run pretty deep, especially in car manufacture.

The continuation of Red Bull's technical assistance would also be welcome of course, with things like the rest of the powertrain. But for now, there is an overbearing goal to achieve in 2013 if Caterham want to make it an enjoyable winter – 10th place in the constructors' standings.

'The 2014 season heralds a new era for F1 with our sport taking a positive stance in aligning itself with the technical changes in the global automotive industry, and Renault is right at the cutting edge of that development,' said Caterham team principal Cyril Abiteboul.

'The depth of our partnership will certainly pay dividends in 2014, helping us tackle the new regulations quickly and efficiently, helping to give us the best opportunity to continue our progress up the grid in 2014 and beyond.'