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Clematis Avalanche Picture: Enjoy Gardening More

Clematis Avalanche Picture: Enjoy Gardening More - Credit: Visions BV, Netherlands

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Winner of the RHS Garden Merit award, this much-desired new evergreen clematis, with the largest flowers of its variety, is sure to become a main feature plant in your garden throughout the year.

Clematis Avalanche (or Cartmanii Avalanche 'blaaval') has a flower size of 3ins in diameter, which is the biggest flower and the widest foliage of all the cartmanii family of evergreen clematis. It will climb to between 6ft-8ft making it one of the highest too.

Evergreen, the plant bears handsome glossy green, deeply cut foliage all year-long and soon becomes smothered in an 'Avalanche' of pure snow-white blooms, centred with lemon-yellow stamens that last for several weeks from early spring.

'Avalanche' likes a sunny spot but with roots shaded by other plants if possible so great for mixed borders but is a great choice for a large pot too where it will grow up supports to produce a dense hedge-like display of flowers and foliage.

With a compact habit 'Avalanche' is easy to care for, growing to about 2m tall where it will add height to beds and borders and potted displays. Best of all it needs little care and no pruning except perhaps a light trim after flowering to keep its shape.