Rudbeckia: A hardy flower that likes the sun

Question: Please find enclosed a flower I would like you to identify for me. It was self-sown and might be a wild flower. (L Mutton, Halvergate)


The flower is from a Rudbeckia. It's hard to say exactly which one as there is only a flower here but given that it is still in flower in January it may well be Rudbeckia hirta 'Indian Summer'.

Rudbeckia is hardy and will go through a normal winter and will flower from mid to late summer and in a mild winter seems to go through to January.

The common name for Rudbeckia is Black-eyed Susan.

The seed may well have blown into your garden or been brought in by a bird or other animal. Given the right conditions your plant will set seed and you will have them forever.

Rudbeckia will grow pretty much anywhere, although they prefer a sunny position.

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•This article was first published on January 21, 2012.