Reader Letter: Young people create ‘mini wars’ on social media

Image - Dominic Lipinski/PA Wire

Image - Dominic Lipinski/PA Wire - Credit: PA

One reader thinks young people argue too much on sites like Facebook and Twitter - do you agree?

View of a grandmother who viewed social media initially with caution, and still does.

When 'social media' became available to everyone, young and old, it was embraced as the answer to interacting and keeping up to date with friends, family and, sadly, enemies.

Pre social media, we would have kept in contact via the telephone, landline, mobile, meeting up to tell each other our news, even writing letters. As for people who we were not friends with, we would not have been so intense on what they were doing, nor would we have kept whatever disagreement going on for hours and hours, how could we?

Sadly today one small argument can escalate into a full blown drama with many joining in, causing everyone to have an opinion and thus making an issue which in reality was not that huge, something monumental with people taking 'sides' and talking about it every minute possible.

Young people now have this opportunity to create a mini war amongst themselves, pre social media, an argument may have started at school, may have continued after school, but when everyone was at home, it died a natural death as it could not be kept alive, today it is fed with social media, whether mobile phones allowing group chats, and on it goes.

There are the plus sides to every aspect of interaction but along with any plus comes a minus and sadly with how social media has grown so big the negatives outweigh the pluses.

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Whilst any new concept is welcomed with open arms, no one considered how to 'police' this 'monster' and overseeing its growth and damage is, in itself becoming a huge issue.

It has been written about, surveys taken, social exclusion on these sites in itself is emotionally damaging, human nature can be so cruel, these sites are more of a weapon to use as and when someone wants to express annoyance, displeasure and rather than it just being their issue with the one person it transcends into a frenzy with everyone joining in, more of a medieval 'witch hunt' no longer a disagreement between two people, which in itself may have been resolved but when many make it their business, sides are taken, a small issue once again gets out of hand.

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