Reader letters: NCFC ticket prices, safety on our streets and charity begins at home

Will Ed Balls do anything about ticket prices? Photo : Steve Adams

Will Ed Balls do anything about ticket prices? Photo : Steve Adams - Credit: Steve Adams

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•Hoping Ed will look at ticket prices

Wednesday January 6

Chris Gould

Watson Grove, Norwich

The forthright correspondence you have been receiving about the appointment of Ed Balls as Norwich City chairman reminds me of one thing.

Nowadays, football fans who attend live matches are likely to come from better paid and wealthier groups than they did in the past.

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They need to be because the ticket prices for football are so ridiculously high.

It would be nice to think that a former Labour politician like Mr Balls would be interested in making football available to ordinary working people again by looking at costs and prices.

And then I woke up! Before anyone goes on about competitiveness I would remind them that tickets for Bundesliga matches, held in

a wealthier country, are cheaper than they are here. Just compare the results of the English and German national teams.

Germany go on winning trophy after trophy, while here in England we have won just one in post-Roman times

•Stay safe on our streets

Tuesday January 5

Roger Haywood

Dyers Yard, Norwich

Re the safety of women on our streets at night.

Women should have the right to be safe everywhere, but that is not always the reality.

Though Norwich has a reputation for a high level of safety on our streets, that should never be seen as a guarantee.

Your newspaper's recent coverage of assaults should remind us all of the potential risks.

However safe Norwich may be, relatively, there are still some people around who feel they do not have to respect and protect women.

All of us decent citizens deserve the normal freedoms and safety that a city like ours should offer. As a man, I am sometimes ashamed of our gender as there are some who do not have that respect and responsibility. Those who do not have the right attitudes or the feeling that they should protect women, not target them, may be a tiny minority.

However, women should never go anywhere with any male they do not know.

Also, when your group calls a taxi, do not ever risk being the last person with an unknown male. Always insist that the driver takes you home first and let him deal with the spare man.

Sadly, women will never know who might be a potential assailant. I have little experience in offering advice that might make our women safe on our streets. However, I do feel they should never walk alone at night.

They should stay in groups, especially with men they know they can trust. Or they should make arrangements, before going out — say, for a friend or family member or a taxi to collect them and take them safely home.

I was awoken many times in the early hours by phone calls from my two daughters who had foolishly extended their evening out, but they knew that I would always collect them at any hour, even if I mumbled and grumbled sometimes.

They also accepted that if they were stranded, they should stay in their safe situation at the pub, club or with friends and not risk starting to walk back alone.

Young women should remember that all professional bars and clubs will call a credible taxi to take any customer home.

Make sure you have not spent your last few pounds.

•Cameron has wrong priorities

Monday January 4

Mrs L Everitt

Cross Street, Cromer

What is wrong with David Cameron? He gives money left, right and centre to other countries when our own health service needs money badly. Charity begins at home Mr Cameron!

Also, Mr Cameron should not let the Chinese government have anything to do with our country as it has a questionable record on human rights.

In this country we have people living on the streets and a lack of employment opportunities for many people in rural areas.

Where is the government finding the housing for all these people coming into our country from abroad when we don't have enough housing or jobs for our own people.

Think about it Mr Cameron, you can make a name for yourself; instead of taking money out of our lottery for heritage projects take it for the National Health Service instead. Most people are not rich and cannot afford private healthcare.