Reader Letter: What was writer Germaine Greer thinking? It’s a terrible idea to fell Thetford Forest

Thetford Forest. Picture: Rebecca Murphy

Thetford Forest. Picture: Rebecca Murphy - Credit: Archant

In the paper recently there was an article about Germaine Greer wanting the trees in Thetford Forest to be felled. To me that is a terrible idea for we depend on trees for many reasons.

MORE: 'I want you to fell it' - Germaine Greer outrages volunteers as she advocates felling of Thetford Forest in controversial BBC Radio Four Farming Today interviewIf we got rid of Thetford Forest we would create something of a desert. With swathes of heathland in what are known as The Brecks it is a beautiful place and it creates industry. People can have picnics there and it is home to a lot of wildlife.

MORE: The EDP says - felling Thetford Forest as Germaine Greer suggests would surely mean we lose a great asset to our regionIt gives jobs to foresters and other organisations associated with it such as the Go Ape complex.

MORE: Germaine Greer suggests Thetford Forest be felled but it is about more than just treesPlease Germaine, have mercy and let us keep the trees in Thetford Forest.

Susan Wright, Nelson Street, Norwich.