Reader Letter: Were there alternatives to the new NDR?

Aerial view of the NDR Northern Distributor Road. Sept 2017. Picture: Mike Page

Aerial view of the NDR Northern Distributor Road. Sept 2017. Picture: Mike Page - Credit: Mike Page

The euphoria being generated by vested interests before the opening of the NDR will be short lived in the long-term when the chickens come home to roost.

After the party, there will be an economic and environmental hangover. There will be a bitter pill for us to swallow to get over it.

Alcoholics demand one more drink, thus the idea of a viaduct over the Wensum valley follows.

Putting all our eggs into one basket and being locked into and dependant on a singular road transport system will not be good for pensioners and children who tend to use subsidised travel.

For a rural county like Norfolk, the orbital railway proposed project was always a viable alternative, cutting down on pollution and environmental impact utilising existing railway lines. Private ownership would mean less taxpayers' money and boost tourism. The need for congestion charges and more car parks eliminated.

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The cost of the NDR estimated at £205m would have gone a long way to do this and serve the needs of all classes of people and not the moneyed few.

The people of Norfolk were given no final say on this when there was a greener alternative solution. Democracy is failing in Norfolk - alternatives should have been considered.

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