Reader letter: I have concerns about windfarm projects

Happisburgh Lighthouse. Picture: Ian Burt

Happisburgh Lighthouse. Picture: Ian Burt - Credit: Ian Burt

Regarding the Vattenfall windfarm projects Vanguard and Boreas, I'm a resident of Happisburgh, and am very concerned about not just our village, but the rest of Norfolk.

Have you seen the crisscross of works that will be the end result of all these offshore windfarms? It's terribly worrying. Is it because Norfolk is 'cheap' and obviously near the coast, that it's been sacrificed to be the place to do all this? I cannot understand why they are not going to run a marine cable network around the coast to Walpole, we know it's possible.

MORE: Residents to stage protest against wind farm companyThey could all 'plug in' to this, saving a lot of hassle and a lot of upheaval. As for Happisburgh, a historic village with the only privately owned working lighthouse in the UK, we have a fast eroding coastline. They are going to drill under our cliffs, no-one knows how that is going to go. Lots of important archaeology is to be found in Happisburgh (ie the Deep History project) including a Paleolithic handaxe approximately half a million years old, that I found in June this year.

I am absolutely sure that Vattenfall do not care one bit about the history, or the erosion. Their only motivation is money.