Reader Letter: Those who care about their children should not fly

Aerial view of Norwich Airport. Picture: Mike Page

Aerial view of Norwich Airport. Picture: Mike Page - Credit: Archant

Nowhere in your coverage of the proposed expansion of Norwich airport is climate change even mentioned.

Yet flying is the only area where we cannot replace the fossil fuels which are its major cause, as there is no viable substitute for kerosene as a fuel for aircraft.

MORE: Revealed: Norwich Airport's 30-year vision to treble passenger numbers and forge worldwide linksIf we are to avoid runaway climate change, which could cause the death of hundreds of millions of people this century, we will need a drastic reduction in flying rather than an increase.

Those who really care about the future of their children and grandchildren should not support this expansion and should not fly.

MORE: Reader Letter: Norwich Airport growth is good news for NorfolkInstead they should holiday at home and support our own British tourism industry, or take high speed rail to destinations in Europe.

Christopher Keene, Dell Crescent, Norwich

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