Reader Letter: ‘Smart’ meters are not smart at all

One reader isn't impressed by their experience of a smart meter. Photo: Archant

One reader isn't impressed by their experience of a smart meter. Photo: Archant

One reader thinks that they were misled about the advantages of having a smart meter. What do you think?

I so much agree with Mike Jozefiak (Letters, August 1) regarding smart meters.

When it was offered by my supplier, I agreed to a smart meter and it was fitted on March 17, 2016. I was 79 at the time and found it difficult to read my existing meters which are located at floor level in a small cupboard.

I was not told however that, should I wish to change suppliers, this smart meter would not be compatible with any other suppliers as they would be unable to accept readings from this smart meter.

Three other companies confirmed this when I inquired about changing suppliers and said I would have to have their own meter fitted. I contacted my existing supplier who told me it would cost me £50 to have this one removed, which they later denied.

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I was told by my supplier that having a smart meter would do away with estimated readings but, this doesn't appear to be the case, as on my last statement the readings were given as estimated. When I queried this I was told that they weren't estimated but genuine readings, even though it said they were estimated.

In short, I have been misled by my supplier and, as their smart meter cannot be used by other suppliers, I feel I am stuck with a supplier that I would like to change from, but am unable to do so.

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