Reader letter: Teacher’s suspension was ridiculous

A teacher in a classroom. Picture: Thinkstock

A teacher in a classroom. Picture: Thinkstock - Credit: Archant

One reader believes a teacher was wrongly suspended after offending a transgender pupil.

What a ridiculous state of affairs when a maths teacher is suspended for referring to a class of pupils as girls when one of them is transgender.

Back in the awful 80s, the PE teacher at our local school could often be heard encouraging football players (all boys) with 'Come on ladies. Time to tighten your corsets.' Now he would not be suspended but hung, drawn and quartered for upsetting 22 lads (unless some did wear female underwear) with insults, inappropriate language, deliberate misunderstanding of transgender feelings and causing terrible trauma needing lifelong counselling and psychological assistance.

After watching Worzel Gummidge, my son at the age of four was sure that with a carrot, a straw hat and some mice he could become a scarecrow. Not sure if it worked.