Reader Letter: Spare a thought for those affected by A47 dualling

The A47 at Hockering where the traffic still travels on single carriageway. Photo: Simon Finlay

The A47 at Hockering where the traffic still travels on single carriageway. Photo: Simon Finlay - Credit: EDP Archant

In the headlong rush to get the A47 dualled, perhaps David Clayton and others could spare a thought for the people who lie in its path.

They would have to live with a huge noisy road at their back door, the consequence of the David Claytons of this world demanding to be able to make a swift exit from our lovely county.

MORE: I'm fed up of wrestling my way in and out of Norfolk by road - when will we get a better A47?The residents of Hockering have been given a choice of routes for the dualling: Option one takes out our playing field, newly-developed fishing lakes, and probably three to four houses; Option four desecrates the beautiful Tud Valley; Options two and three put the four-lane road along its existing path, right beside scores of houses in the village, and would probably demolish several.

But we all know that the hold-ups on the A47 are only in the rush hours, and mainly because of the badly-designed, wrongly-placed roundabout at Honingham/Mattishall Road.

Improve this and the one at Easton, then dualling past Hockering becomes unnecessary — millions of pounds saved.

This option has not been offered, despite Highways England spending years on developing ideas. Why didn't they talk to the parish councils, like they claim they did?

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We regularly asked for information, and got a stony response. They had three years to develop the options and now we have just two to three weeks left to decide in which particular way we would prefer our village to be damaged. I think bulldozing has been taking place already.

Richard Hawker, Heath Road, Hockering.

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