Reader letter: Time to shut schools early to save Christmas isolation?

Do you think schools should close early for Christmas? Picture: PA Wire/PA Images/Jane Barlow

Do you think schools should close early for Christmas? Picture: PA Wire/PA Images/Jane Barlow - Credit: PA

We have read widespread media stories about the huge commitment the government have given to ensuring university students can get home for Christmas.

We are led to believe that this is a feat of testing and logistics akin to the D-Day landings.

While this is a laudable project and we all wish these students a happy Christmas, has anyone given similar thought to our schools?

Schools have worked very hard to create the most Covid secure environments possible under the circumstances and I think we can see that even where there have been cases, the spread has been minimal and children have been largely able to continue in school.

This is due to the huge commitment from staff, parents and children, all adapting to a new way of working, living and learning.

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When there is a positive case, the “bubble” involved is expected to isolate for 14 days.

In high schools this can be upwards of 150 pupils. If a school were to have a positive case after December 10, all of those children and staff would be expected to isolate over Christmas.

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While I appreciate that it is imperative to minimise the disruption to education, would it not be practical to give younger pupils the same consideration that we have given university students and close schools from December 10 to ensure that everyone can enjoy Christmas without the worry of quarantine?

Robert Coyle, Mill Road, Ashby St Mary.

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