Reader letter: Searches seemed to be pointless at Take That

Take That perform at Carrow Road.
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Take That perform at Carrow Road. *These pictures can only be used up to November 5th 2017** *These pictures cannot be syndicated, reproduced in merchandise or posters for free or to be sold** **tehse pipctures can only be used in the Eastern Daily Press** - Credit: Archant

What a night! Wonderland was wonderful! We are used to the big names passing us by here in Norfolk, as though it isn't worth them coming, but Take That proved them all wrong.

It was lovely just to be able to catch a local bus into Riverside in order to see a world class show instead of having to travel to London or Birmingham. A huge thank you to Take That for giving us such an thrilling night out, and please come back before too long!

Hopefully, in the future, other acts will see Norwich as a credible venue and Norfolk will benefit from all the people who come in from all over the country, especially as some fans follow their idols to all the venues.

However, I was somewhat bemused by the security arrangements. When I entered The Village, all bags were being searched and all visitors were being scanned. But, two hours later when I went to find my seat in the Barclay Stand, I had to leave the secure area and queue behind the stand. When I reached the front of the queue, my bag was given only a cursory peep inside and there was no-one doing body searches.

People were just walking straight off the street, onto the queue and into the stadium without being searched at all, which made the searches into The Village rather pointless and a waste of time.

All in all though, it was a very happy day for everyone there. Take That were absolutely first class; I'm still in Wonderland and am unlikely to come back down to Earth for quite some time yet!