Reader Letter: Sad to see racial abuse of taxi drivers in Norwich

Taxi driver Abdullah Salh who was attacked at Norwich Station. Picture: ANTONY KELLY

Taxi driver Abdullah Salh who was attacked at Norwich Station. Picture: ANTONY KELLY - Credit: copyright ARCHANT 2017

It was sad to read recently that foreign taxi drivers of ABC Taxis in Norwich are now experiencing more racial abuse in carrying out their jobs than in the past.Part of this trouble I think can be put down to the city which for years has been described as 'a fine city' but now at times becomes at night 'a drunk city', where parts of it become no-go areas for ordinary citizens and the poor taxi drivers have to venture into to ply their trade.

MORE: 'Please be respectful': Norwich taxi drivers tell of big rise in racist abuseThe other part of the trouble can be put down upon the Brexit vote, which unfortunately has shown us to be an increasingly intolerant nation regarding immigrants.

The percentage of people who swung the vote Brexit's way were not people who were thinking about trade or governing ourselves issues or even the long gone good old days but simply the one of stopping all future immigrants coming into this country to take our jobs and houses.

MORE: 'I blacked out for about 30 seconds': Norwich taxi driver Abdullah Salh punched in the face for refusing customThey do not seem to realise that we need these immigrants because a majority of them do the jobs that we do not want to do ourselves today.

All our young people now are constantly told to stay at school longer and then go on to college or university to try and attain a higher grade job, very often sitting down looking at a computer screen all day and this has had an effect of very few of them willing to do other essential lower paid jobs such as shop, factory or farm work.

Most young people today do not want and never will be willing to do these jobs after their years of study so we have to decide whether to keep letting in the immigrants to do these jobs or do we force our young people into these jobs by underhand methods.

David M Coe, Rosebery Road, Norwich