Reader letter: Refugees need their families

A group of refugees walk on the railway tracks after crossing from Serbia, in Roszke, Hungary, Tuesd

A group of refugees walk on the railway tracks after crossing from Serbia, in Roszke, Hungary, Tuesday, Sept. 1, 2015. Migrants fearful of death at sea in overcrowded and flimsy boats have increasingly turned to using a land route towards Europe through the Western Balkans. (AP Photo/Darko Bandic) - Credit: AP

One reader is proposing that we change our current rules and allow refugee family members to stay in the UK too.

In her New Year's speech, our prime minister wished us and our families a great year.

Sadly, many refugees who live in this country will not have the support of their families in 2018. They have been separated from them by the horrors of war and persecution. Yet unfair and restrictive government rules prevent them from being reunited. They do not know the next time they will be able to hug their mothers or children. This includes children who arrive in this country alone, but are not able to apply for their mother or another close relative to join them here.

We can reunite families if our MPs vote to change the rules that keep refugees in the UK apart from those they love. On March 16 a debate will take place in parliament and I am asking my MP (Elizabeth Truss) to turn up on that day and vote to change the rules. I am urging everyone in Norfolk to do the same.

Refugees have been through so much already. How can we expect them to integrate into our communities and not feel isolated without the security and support of their families around them?

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