Reader Letter: Time to close the pothole loophole

Potholes Picture: SARAH LUCY BROWN

Potholes Picture: SARAH LUCY BROWN

One reader believes more responsibility should be taken by contractors to fix potholes. What do you think?

I used to work writing tender/contracts and specifications. One of our standard clauses was that if goods were faulty, the contractor was to make good at his own expense. This was not often invoked, as the mere presence of the clause encouraged suppliers to ensure the quality was 'as required'.

I notice that many of the potholes I have seen occur at seams and joins, or close to the edge of the road where holes have not been made good before a new layer is applied.

Is it beyond the wit of those managers awarding contracts for resurfacing to insert a similar clause, stipulating that if breaks/potholes occur in the six months after completion, the contractor is to make good at his own expense? Or have these so-called managers grown too complacent with the attitude 'contract signed, job done'.

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