Reader Letter: My parking fine was unfair



One reader thinks their parking fine was unfair - do you agree?

On Monday, April 9 I was asked to take a 91-year-old lady to Lloyds Bank at the Heartsease, Norwich.

The car park was full, so I drew up outside Hartlands chip shop so that she would not have far to walk. After several minutes, I saw the sign saying parking

was only for those using the shops.

I felt unable to move my car as, had the lady come out of the bank and not seen me, she might have started to cross the busy road to find me. She easily becomes disorientated.

A few days later I received a parking fine notice asking for £60, rising to £100 if unpaid withn a fortnight.

I appealed explaining my situation. The appeal was dismissed out of hand. I understand appeals are never successful so I wonder why NPE allows people to appeal in the first place.

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I feel a £60 fine is very harsh punishment for helping an elderly, vulnerable lady.

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