Reader Letter: Why I walked away from a Norwich City match for the first time

A football fan was 'not amused' by security measures that meant he would have to hand in his iPad. P

A football fan was 'not amused' by security measures that meant he would have to hand in his iPad. Photo: Getty Images - Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto

One reader says they found security measures at a recent NCFC match excessive. What do you think?

I have been a season-ticket holder at Norwich for more years than I care to remember and travel a fair distance by train to go to each match.

I always carry an iPad with me to use as an eBook and play the occasional electronic game (other tablet devices are available).

As train services are no respecters of fixture lists I often get to the ground early and read an eBook to while away a little time.

As usual, my rucksack was searched. This time, however, I was told that new security measures were in place and I must hand in my iPad at the ticket office and collect it after the match. I was not amused.

If the concern is 'security', then why am I allowed to carry in my rucksack after the usual brief search? If the concern was that the iPad could be used to conceal a bomb, then why not ask me to switch it on and demonstrate that it functioned normally and therefore was not? That would seem a sensible compromise.

I note that cameras are not allowed to be carried in and yet mobile phones – which these days have built-in cameras which can be as good as many digital cameras, and as big as small tablets – can still be carried in. Where is the logic?

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I said I was not amused. I did ask to speak to a senior member of staff but none was available. For the first time ever I have today turned around and walked away from a match in protest. Ironically I am listening to the match on my digital radio. Will that be the next thing to be banned?

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