Reader letter: Norfolk’s housing problems are growing

Picture: Ian Burt

Picture: Ian Burt - Credit: Archant

The housing crisis is a crisis that will not go away, and Theresa May herself now has promised action.

There will be no solution with the current approach. Shelter has calculated that developers in many situations have got away with delivering only one fifth of the affordable housing required by planning consents. The new proposed policy for housing will reduce targets for affordable housing in Great Yarmouth, but will release more green field development land in North Norfolk. This will be developed with more expensive estates.

Land alongside the new Norther Distributor Road shows no sign of being brought forward for development quickly, which my well present a funding issue for the road. The Greater Norwich Development partnership are thinking of scrapping the Norwich Policy Area which will potentially allow development in all areas of Broadland and South Norfolk, regardless of need or infrastructure including access to doctors and public transport.

Similar issues apply over every part of Norfolk. Until we see investment directly into the actual housing required in the right locations to solve this crisis, and policies that support development and not developers profits and higher land prices, then there will be no solution.

Our MPs and leaders need to press urgently for a change to this damaging approach, or this housing problem will simply grow.