Reader Letter: New cycle scheme in Norwich is ill-thought out

Mile Cross Lane and Catton Grove Road junction. Photo:Antony Kelly .

Mile Cross Lane and Catton Grove Road junction. Photo:Antony Kelly . - Credit: Evening News � 2008

The first part of the new 13-week £290,000 project to improve the facilities for pedestrians and cyclists along Catton Grove Road and Mile Cross Lane was completed on Sunday and the road opened again. Can I say, what a complete success it has been from the word go.

Yes, it has made it so much easier for motorists to park on and obstruct the footpath, as they now have a nice even surface to park on, and there are double yellows as always, but they don't make a scrap of difference because there is no enforcement.

This will continue because there is not enough parking for what is a very busy row of shops on a very busy road. Surely this parking issue needed to be addressed before this scheme ever progressed.

There is a large piece of council-owned land a few metres down the road on the corner which serves as the parking for about six houses. If sensibly set out you could probably accommodate some 30 to 40 cars. Surely this would have alleviated what is a badly-congested stretch of road?

I'm a keen cyclist and walker and despite the millions spent on these schemes in the area, the benefits would seem negligible at best and in my opinion it would appear that in most cases these schemes are ill-thought out and a total waste of the taxpayers' money, which could have been much better spent elsewhere.

Neville Yardy, Dogwood Road, Old Catton