Reader Letter: Litter is a blight on the landscape

Picture: Sarah Lane

Picture: Sarah Lane - Credit: Archant

One reader is ashamed of the litter around our country. Do you agree?

Shakespeare would turn in his grave if he could see the crummy litter messing up his 'Sceptred Isle'.

Just walk down Surrey Street opposite the first Aviva building there stands what was once a fine house or office block, now empty, no one knows why.

It has magnificent black railings and what was once a pretty lawn, except now it is defaced by a litter of tin cans, discarded food cartons, fag ends and all manner of rubbish. It saddens me every time I see it. Why doesn't someone clear it up?

Also, on the bus going home through Dunston to Stoke Holy Cross, the same sorry tale.

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Someone swallows a coke, has a ready meal or sandwich and chucks the remains out of the speeding car window.

What is wrong with these people? Have they no pride in our city and lovely countryside?

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Litter picks are wonderful but can't cover everywhere. It's such a shame.

'This Isle' as Shakespeare would have it 'set in the midst of a silver sea'. Set in the midst of a sea of rubbish would be more apt.

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