Reader letter: I want to inspire young people to be more confident about their body weight

(Picture: PA)

(Picture: PA) - Credit: PA

I'm Dylan. I'm 14-years-old and I live in Norwich.

When I started high school I was bullied for being overweight and not 'normal' like the other kids in my year group and I felt distorted and asked myself these questions. Why me? What's wrong with me? And do I look alright? As a result I was dreading school every day and had few friends.

There was one time when a boy called me 'fat face'. I thought: 'Why are they bullying me?' Eventually as it went on my academic progress fell down and I had low self-esteem and body confidence and I was scared of making new friends.

But last year I felt this needed to change, so I sat down with my parents and told them everything and I felt relieved and the weight was lifted off my shoulders. It was the start of a new confident me.

Last week I also decided that in modern day society this is a massive issue and young people like myself don't know who to turn to? On Monday I started a YouTube channel called bloggingua and I want to reach out to young people and inspire them to be more confident about their body weight. To know that no matter your size, you're like everybody else.

So please watch my YouTube channel and share with your family and friends and remember you're not alone and there is someone to help you and that person is me.

After I found help I became a more confident and happy teenage boy.

To see the channel click here.

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