Reader letter: I’ve thoroughly enjoyed everything Norwich Market has had to offer over the years



I thought it unrealistic that some think that those in charge of Norwich Market need to find ways of attracting younger people, both as stallholders and customers, as this is the only way to guarantee the market's future.

I'd like to say that, in its history, Norwich Market has always been alive with people of every kind, both stallholders and the shoppers.

This is still going on with the amazing 183 stalls, including the Little Red Rooster coffee stall that has a very young owner, Darren Groom.

Older people like myself have thoroughly enjoyed everything that has been on offer there over the years, includingas Mike and Bernie Winters, who had a clothes stall at the back of the market.

They entertained the public, customers or not, with their special brand of humour. I was even allowed to buy the clothes without giving up precious clothing coupons because every Saturday morning I queued up at the horse-meat stall to get them horse-meat for their dog.

At Saturday tea-time Norwich Market also used to be a treasure trove for people, grateful to pick up free fruit and vegetables generously given by stallholders so nothing was wasted. A wonderful lot of people.

Norwich Market has also had moments like Tales of the Unexpected. I remember seeing, at one of the bric and brac stalls, a framed photograph of my parents on their wedding day, that took place in 1925 (this was 50 years later). I bought it from the stall holder who laughingly told me it must have been on her stall as the result of a house clearance.

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