Reader letter: I don’t care what political party our local councillors represent

Dave Rowntree, formerly from Blur, has been elected to University division in Norwich. Picture: Deni

Dave Rowntree, formerly from Blur, has been elected to University division in Norwich. Picture: Denise Bradley - Credit: Archant copyright 2011

I could not agree more that this local election is just a rehearsal for the general election in five weeks' time.

The reasoning behind voting locally seems to have been disingenuously manipulated into a primary party issue.

I was always told that locally you voted for the man or woman who would do the most good and be an asset to the council, rather than voting for the party they represent.

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I could not personally care what party they represent as long as they are willing and able to put the time in and stand up for the electorate locally, if it happens to coincide with my political persuasion so much the better but if it doesn't so be it.

I am a political animal but sometimes politics can be very divisive and counter productive. But of course the media and the press will use these

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elections to ascertain the mood of the country.

The whole situation will turn very febrile and many outstanding candidates will face very mixed fortunes.

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The calling of this election was probably not as random as the government would have us believe, but a snap shot for the main event. This is wrong and hopefully the electorate will respond in a just and fair way.

The political machine appears to be insinuating itself into every area of our lives, so please vote for the ethos of the person who has the good of their ward at heart and leave the divisive party politics outside the door of the polling station.

Judith A Daniels, Winifred Road, Cobholm.

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