Reader letter: Time to look for the postives at the Hellesdon Hospital

Hellesdon Hospital. Photo: NSFT

Hellesdon Hospital. Photo: NSFT - Credit: NSFT

I see that once again the Hellesdon Hospital and its staff are being hounded by just about everyone after the latest inspection.

There's an old Chinese proverb that translated says: 'You can't stop the birds of the air from flying over your head, but you can stop them nesting in your hair.'

There are many aspects in life that you cannot change just like the birds flying above you.

There are however features in our life that we can alter, change and turn around. Just like us stopping the birds from nesting in our hair. We can make a fuss, change policies, differentiate our patient priorities.

All of these changes and upgrades if you like need additional resources, additional funding and the truth of the matter is that the trust have had neither. There aren't enough psychiatric doctors, nurses, caseworkers, administration to bring about change and in this case, improvement.

To put the record straight I am not some left wing crank whipping the government for every little flaw, indeed I'm far from it.

I've been a patient under the Hellesdon and Waveney Wellbeing Trust for some seven years and I've had the most wonderful care you could ever imagine. Doesn't mean I'm cured and can walk on water.

READ MORE: Mental health trust to focus on core services as inspectors find it inadequateFor people like me, caring and ultra professional staff and treatment is the key and like hundreds of others, I've received that in abundance.

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If it wasn't for one particular caseworker I doubt if I'd still be here to write this and by heck there's hundreds like me.

So, in conclusion, don't join the whipping boys. Look for the real positives in the trust. I am deeply, deeply sorry for those Hellesdon patients who have passed away.

If their deaths were due to malpractice then let the truth be known but don't give mass rollickings due to the possible unprofessionalism of the few.