Reader Letter: Free bins are a waste of money

Image: Steve Parsons/PA Wire

Image: Steve Parsons/PA Wire - Credit: PA

One reader is baffled as to why she can get a free food waste bin, but cannot have her blue bin replaced for free. What do you think?

I can have a new food bin free of charge, to save the council money.

I am sure my few banana skins and egg shells, which were the only things on the list that I waste, would save a lot.

Like all pensioners and people with a low income, we don't buy food that we don't use or need just to put it in the bin.

However, a blue recycling bin costs £40 to replace - I still don't have one because mine was stolen. This was full every time it went out for collection.

So which one would be more beneficial for me to have replaced free of charge?

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