Reader Letter: Environmental impact fears over proposed site of new Norfolk village

The fields around Honingham Thorpe could be home to a new village.
Picture: Nick Butcher

The fields around Honingham Thorpe could be home to a new village. Picture: Nick Butcher - Credit: Nick Butcher

The worries of Easton residents have increase dramatically since your report on Honingham and Easton being the possible site of a new village.Already an industrial development is being imposed on our village by Broadland District Council without proper environmental impact assessments and safeguards.

A new mechanism, a Local Development Order (LDO), has been sought for an entire 19ha site to enable individual businesses to by-pass the planning system when building units. This removes rights of local residents to voice their concerns though the formal planning process.

MORE: Possible location for new village in Norfolk is revealedAfter the terrible Grenfell tragedy, how can the public trust this LDO mechanism? It relies on district council officers having the time, knowledge, dedication and resources to properly monitor the delivery of the Food Hub.

Grenfell reflects a very widespread contempt, and contemptuous practice, by national and local government of regulations, including fire, health and safety, and environmental safeguards.

The local government minister himself has highlighted to MPs serial breaches of safety regulations at the London council responsible for the Chalcot estates.

Do the residents of Easton have to wait until a major environmental disaster takes place in our area, such as the water contamination of the rivers Tud and Wensum with the environmental impact that that would have on the wider Norwich area?

The cumulative effect of this project and the approved developments in Easton and the surrounding area, as well as the proposed development of a new village between Honingham and Easton must warrant Environmental Impact Assessments on any new developments in the area starting with the Food Hub.

Cllr Peter Milliken, Woodview Road, Easton