Reader Letter: Drivers should use car park

Traffic jam. Photo credit: Andy Butterton/PA Wire

Traffic jam. Photo credit: Andy Butterton/PA Wire - Credit: PA

Do you agree with Mr McMaster that these drivers should use the car parks?

On Easter bank holiday Monday, for over two hours, approach roads in Norwich for Castle Mall and Riverside multi-storey car parks saw long delays due to cars queuing to park.

Through traffic therefore being delayed by at least 30 minutes. This affected my service on Norwich's open top tour bus as traffic flow was problematic.

If only these drivers would have headed to the new Rose Lane car park, which is just a five minutes walk from both Castle Mall and Riverside.

At the height of the delays Rose Lane car park signs were showing nearly 200 spaces!

If this car park was used I am sure the queues would diminish giving consideration to through traffic and keep the roads moving more freely.