Reader Letter: Dog fouling is getting worse in Wayland Wood

Wayland Wood, near Watton. Picture: Ian Burt

Wayland Wood, near Watton. Picture: Ian Burt

I am a local and have noticed how bad the poo is getting in Wayland Wood. There were litter bins over the years but these have been vandalised or removed.

I have seen how so-called responsible dog owners use a plastic bag to remove the mess and fling it in the undergrowth, or they do not bother to move it. I am sure there are loads of owners who do take it away and good on them.

I have been a dog owner all my life and have never let my dog off the lead in woods, not even forests as we never know what animal life is about, plus other dogs may not be friendly nor their owners.

There are rare orchids and other flora in the wild and I have seen children and adults just walking wherever they want in the woods, trampling on everything.

I am sure that many years ago there used to be a metal box in Wayland Wood for donations, but where it has gone I have no idea, and yes it would be a good idea for a small entrance fee but who is going to be there personally to take them, and I feel sure that if an honesty box was placed it would soon be broken into.

The only answer must be for more information on sites that cannot be vandalised or defaced informing people how to behave in beautiful surroundings, but I am not hopeful that this would work as most of the information put up over the years in our wood has been vandalised and dumped with all the other rubbish thrown down in the car park.

Maybe schools could do some good information giving on the subject of countryside laws and how to behave when visiting.

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There are good and bad dog owners and parents/carersso maybe it is not all doom and gloom and miracles do happen.

Linda Piercey, Swaffham Road, Watton