Reader Letter: Garden ‘village’ will be final nail in county’s coffin

One reader fears for Norfolk's future if development plans go ahead. Picture: Nick Butcher

One reader fears for Norfolk's future if development plans go ahead. Picture: Nick Butcher - Credit: Nick Butcher

One reader thinks the plans for housing development in Norfolk could change the county forever. What do you think?

Can I make an appeal through your paper for everyone who has any interest in Norfolk as a rural, quiet and lovely county to make a response to the Greater Norwich Local Plan (go to

As the headline in the paper shows, this is not just a Norwich issue but a county wide one if new towns (and that is what it is — not a 'village' as claimed) are to be dumped in the countryside near Wymondham.

We need to make our voices heard as never before. This plan is not just another nail in the coffin of Norfolk as a lovely place to live but the final nail and into the furnace too.

If you want to see what Norfolk will look like after this plan has been enacted, go to anywhere in the London/Cambridge areas and see what a hellhole has been created — masses of new roads, traffic, pollution, noise – acres of soulless development stretching as far as the eye can see – just like around Costessey and east Norwich but many times worse.

Just to let you know the scale of what is planned, a friend of mine attended a recent business briefing by the Greater Norwich Development Partnership who are the body behind the Greater Norwich Local Plan and they were told that this area will have the largest building projects in the country — not just county.

This includes London and the south east.

Who, one asks is going to benefit from this? Well it's not difficult to see if its presented with glee to a business gathering is it? Who is going to pay? You and I and everyone else who values their wonderful county.

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