Reader Letter: Cyclists should be on paths


Picture: SIMON FINLAY - Credit: Archant Norfolk

As the council soon makes its mind up about the permission of cyclists riding on pathways in the city.

It was mentioned that this would be very dangerous especially in light of the death caused in London that was in the news last week.

However statistically it's safer for everyone for cyclists to be able to ride on pathways.

I myself am a pedestrian but I know the recent accident was quite a freak one and perhaps one or two deaths will be caused this year by pedestrians being hit on pathways by the pedal powered menace.

Yet there will be more than one or two deaths this week on Britain's roads as huge lorries cause much more harm to cyclists who are not permitted the safety of the pathway.

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We need to be encouraging cycling as the roads become more busy with traffic and it's safer for everyone if cyclists join us considerately on the pathways.

I implore the council to save lives and the environment in their decision!

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Adam Jackson, Unthank Road, Norwich

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