Reader letter: It’s time to get tough on cyclists


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I have read with interest the views expressed by [other readers] on opening up cycling in pedestrian areas in Norwich.

MORE: Reader letter - Pedestrians can no longer feel safe because of cyclistsI agree that this is a retrograde step.

I speak to other people who have experienced 'brushes' with cyclists riding on pavements or in the St Stephen's underpass for example, so things will get worse if places like Gentleman's Walk are opened up. As a general observation, I see cyclists constantly breaking the law — on pavements and riding through red lights, riding without lights, brakes, etc. It has unfortunately become a national epidemic — one that has been accepted by the authorities.

I have recently observed several younger people on the free ofo bikes, riding erratically and I was struck by one in St Stephen's underpass. I did not report it because I was not actually knocked over or hurt. Anecdotal evidence suggests I am not the only one. Every person I speak to is unhappy with cyclists flouting the law. Regrettably it appears the police have other priorities rather than 'pull over' cyclists.

When are the authorities going to get tough?