Reader Letter: Cyclists, it’s time you grew up!

Gentleman's Walk, Norwich. Picture: Dan Grimmer

Gentleman's Walk, Norwich. Picture: Dan Grimmer - Credit: Archant

On Sunday I was driving from Horning towards Wroxham along a road which has a purpose-built cycle path costing over £1m, when I met a group of around 10 MAMIL (middle aged men in Lycra - or cyclists as they are more normally referred as).

Following this group were 31 cars trying to overtake but with the riders two and three abreast this clearly was just not going to happen.

When are these cyclists going to accept that there are other road users (who, by the way pay to use the road)?

I have been in this situation myself and just like the frustrated drivers today, have faced rudeness, and threatening behaviour from these people who clearly feel that they have priority over all other road users.

It's time they grew up and acted responsible and dropped the 'attitude'.

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