Reader Letter: Wrong gamble for our city

A reader thinks that opening a gambling shop in central Norwich was a bad bet.

A reader thinks that opening a gambling shop in central Norwich was a bad bet. - Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto

One reader thinks that the council allowing a gambling shop to open on the high street is a big mistake. What do you think?

Could somebody please tell me why a casino has been allowed to be opened in the middle of St Stephens Street our main shopping centre?

What are Norwich City Council thinking about, in an age when gambling is a huge problem for lots of different people? What is happening to what was a lovely city?

We will end up with a city full of only charity shops, coffee shops and now gambling establishments. It is a very sad thing to see.

The council should be helping the few businesses we have by having reasonable rates, which would allow smaller shops to at least make some sort of a living.

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For goodness sake Norwich, get a grip before it is too late. A casino is not the way to go. It is sending out all the wrong messages and not a good image for us to have.

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