Reader letter: Clive Lewis is no misogynist

Clive Lewis (Picture: DENISE BRADLEY)

Clive Lewis (Picture: DENISE BRADLEY) - Credit: Copyright: Archant 2017

I agree with columnist Liz Nice and her views about the uproar over Clive Lewis and the word 'bitch'.

I use the word frequently, usually under my breath. If a man were to fling it at me, like Liz said, I would take it as a compliment, knowing I'd won.

READ MORE: Did Clive Lewis' remark go too far, or have we lost our sense of humour?I find the parading of people in front of the media, being forced to apologise, reminiscent of totalitarian regimes. I don't think Clive Lewis is a misogynist, but I think the leader of the Labour party needs to grow some b**** and stop apologising for words that don't really cause offence.

Has no one ever seen a Tarantino film or enjoyed 'The Thick of It'?

There are far more important issues, rape, domestic violence, etc that affect women much more than this.