Reader letter: Focus should be on the A140

EDP A47 dualling campaign.Picture: ANTONY KELLY

EDP A47 dualling campaign.Picture: ANTONY KELLY - Credit: Archant

One reader thinks the EDP should be campaigning to improve the A140 instead.

While the EDP's campaign to dual the A47 is laudable, I fear it is yet another example of putting the cart before the horse.

Norfolk likes to 'do different', but in reality it is no different to the rest of England; it depends on Felixstowe for the bulk of its imported goods and potential exports.

Norfolk business needs the A140 to be dualled to its junction with the A14, to quickly and safely move those 40ft boxes along the Romans' old route.

Instead, millions were spent on building an outer harbour at Great Yarmouth which the country didn't need at the (then) end of the A47.

However, not content with that white elephant, the government then decided to (virtually) extend the A47 to Lowestoft, although all the road signs on the A47 still directs traffic via Beccles.

Now we are soon to have what many people believe is City Hall's vanity project - the costly but uncosted NDR, that length of Tarmac would have probably completed the dualling to the county border at Scole and made the proposed Long Stratton bypass actually worth the long wait.

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So with less than a year until Brexit-day, surely the EDP should get behind improving the A140, Norfolk's main route to south-east Asia, rather than a route to Wisbech. And to avoid confusion in the (lack of) planning office at County Hall, I mean south of Norwich, not north to Cromer.

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