Reader Letter: A poor job of new Holt Road junction

The traffic caused by the closure of Holt Road. Photo: Jo Clark

The traffic caused by the closure of Holt Road. Photo: Jo Clark - Credit: Jo Clark

I am very concerned over the increased costs and the severance of the B1149 Holt Road.

Traffic leaving Norwich will have to merge onto the new NDR for a short distance and taking the offside lane, leave the NDR at the next roundabout, Drayton Lane, and join the existing B1149 at Horsford.

Any Drayton traffic will do the same but take the nearside lane, leaving at the same roundabout to the left.

Traffic travelling into Norwich from the B1149 will join the NDR at Drayton Lane roundabout, travel the short distance between the two roundabout, approximately half a mile and then negotiate the junction to their desired destination.

This is obviously going to be a busy section of road in both directions, with driver's jostling for position both entering and leaving the NDR and will probably be subject to many accidents.

I witnessed the St Faiths bypass built and opened in 1970.

The only problem throughout has been the Holt Road junction which has been redesigned three times, the last being the construction of the roundabout.

MORE: Busy B1149 Holt Road closes to motorists for major Norwich Northern Distributor Road workIn my humble opinion this was the wrong decision.

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A simple set of traffic lights would have been more effective and could have been linked to the airport and should a plane needed to make an emergency landing, over the Cromer Road, the road could have been closed easily. More to the point it would have saved the 'rat running' in Church Street, Horsford, which drivers were using from the Cromer Road to gain advantage at the roundabout, via the Holt Road.

Anybody knowing the area will use Church Street again to gain access to the Holt Road, without going on the new NDR.

Norfolk Highways and their consultants have made a poor job designing this junction, yet again.

In just under 50 years they have had four goes at it and still it looks like being wrong. I just wonder what wonderful scheme they will come up with for the 'missing link'.

Originally there were four proposals, one of them mine, but at the last count, I think, 13.

That's what we pay consultants for, to waste more money.

Please get on with the job, the NDR will be useless without the full road, that is why people supported its conception.

Colin Fox, Lilburne Avenue, Norwich