9 top tips to create a tenant-friendly bathroom

Exclusive white bathroom with bath and shower

Tired, mouldy bathrooms can easily put off tenants - Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto

The days of tired, mouldy bathrooms in lettings properties should be long behind us. It’s one of the main things that put off potential tenants, especially the kind of aspirational, professional tenants who are willing to pay top rents and who are going to look after the home.

But when it comes to refurbishing the bathroom, it’s important to get it right. Here are some top tips to ensure you create that tenant-friendly bathroom.

Shower or bath?
A family with young children will want a bath, while young professional couples will look for a spacious walk-in shower.

Whichever way you go, you need to include a shower – if it’s over the bath, not a hand-held one - and a shower connected to the boiler with good water pressure is best, ideally with a rainfall shower head.

Style not tiles
The modern solution of Aquaboard waterproof wall panels is much better than tiling, as it’s easier to clean and you won’t get the inevitable grouting cracks.

Small ensuite bathroom with white tiling laid in a brick pattern

White or neutral bathrooms are preferred for rental properties - Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto

Avocado is toast
Lettings properties are not the places for colourful bathroom suites. A white suite with neutral coloured walls will have the widest appeal.

Pick your paint
Ensure you use proper bathroom paint on the walls. This is mould-proof, can withstand moisture, and is easy to wash down. Ordinary emulsion won’t do.

No more poor floors
Definitely avoid carpeted floors in the bathroom, as they are mould traps. Likewise, tiled floors need maintenance and can be slippery underfoot. Vinyl is the best solution, and ideally Karndean style vinyl tiles, which can be easily patched if the floor gets damaged.

Fixtures and fittings
Even in unfurnished properties, tenants expect bathroom fittings such as a toilet roll holder, towel ring, mirror and bathroom cabinet. Ideally the cabinet should not be over the sink, because if something falls out it could cause damage.

Rainfall shower running water in tiled bathroom

Whatever type of tenant you are trying to attract, you need to include a shower - Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto

See the light
Lighting should be splash-proof, and ideally LED (it was announced this week that the sale of halogen bulbs will be banned from September). Make sure the light bulbs can be changed by your tenant, without the need to call in an electrician.

Don’t be blind to mould
Avoid fabric roller-blinds, as these quickly become mouldy. Wood or metal effect Venetian blinds are best, as they can be wiped clean.

Extraction not distraction
An extractor fan is a must, and it should either come on automatically with the light, or else be controlled by a motion sensor. Don’t give your tenant the means to turn it off, as this is the number one weapon in the fight against condensation.

Catherine Hunt is lettings property manager at Arnolds Keys.