A snapshot of good photography

Pic: www.gettyimages.co.uk

Pic: www.gettyimages.co.uk

Here's looking at you...Mike Rix of Savills' Norwich residential team offers a snapshotof the importance of good photography.

Mike Rix, Savills. Pic: Richard Marsham - RMG Photography

Mike Rix, Savills. Pic: Richard Marsham - RMG Photography

Summer is traditionally the time when the housing market is full of life. It's when many buyers begin their hunt for a new home, while vendors, aware that their properties will have more kerb appeal when the sun is shining and gardens are looking their best, decide to sell.

This year's awful spell of weather delayed activity somewhat but now that things have warmed up, the market is busy catching up.

Better weather also means better photography: many people hold off selling until they can get the best possible images.

Indeed, my advice for anyone planning a move in the next year is to take the photos now.

That way, if you decide to sell in the autumn or winter, you won't be delayed by the one factor that is out of our control: the weather.

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Bear in mind that although the height of summer probably gives us the best of the sunshine, flowerbeds and lawns can look a bit sad and scorched by then.

There's no doubt that good photography is absolutely key to a sale. With almost every property available on the internet to view and compare with

others at the click of a button, each has a second, perhaps two at most, to make an impression.

Strong photography also adds a new element to the marketing campaign, opening up opportunities for editorial and exposure through picture-led social media platforms such as Instagram.

As agents, we need the photography to drive buyers to pick up the phone, so we can do our job and sell the viewing.

So one of the key factors when choosing an agent should be to look at their offering online and ensure you find one that uses photographs of well-lit rooms taken from the best angles and, where possible, the front of the house is in full sunlight.

We are confident that buyer sentiment will outlast the sunshine this year, but the best photographic opportunities will always be seasonal.

So plan ahead and strike while the iron – and sun – is hot.

Mike Rix can be contacted at Savills Norwich on 01603 229 229.

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