Q tip’s top 10 gadgets


gadgets - Credit: Archant

Our very own 'Q' KRIS GAMBLE from Customised brings us the top 10 gadgets...


gadgets - Credit: Archant

1. Parrot Bebop Drone with Skycontroller

A high tech leisure quadricopter, offering all the features of a professional one. With a powerful 14 megapixels fisheye camera, the Bebop Drone takes video and pictures in a 180 degree field with remarkable 1080 pixels HD quality. Take control of the drone with Skycontroller's two ultra precise joysticks.

2. Samsung Galaxy S6

This could be the most advanced smartphone available now. Higher resolution cameras and F1.9 aperture for clearer images, ultra fast charging and wireless charging compatibility, 64-bit architecture for unbeatable performance and 5.1' Quad HD Super AMOLED display providing impeccably sharp viewing experience.

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3. Huawei Watch

Timeless Swiss design but smart within. Prioritise with timely notifications, use your favourite app or control your music on the go. Keep track of your activity with a high-accuracy motion sensor. Works with Android smartphone or iPhone. Chose from a range of casings and straps for a bespoke timepiece.

4. Panasonic HX-A1 Wearable camera

A tough ultra-compact wearable camera. Waterproof, shockproof, frost proof and dustproof, this camera is designed to endure extreme outdoor conditions. Weighing only 45g, it can be worn in many positions to capture your adventure. 1080p Full HD camera with built in Wi-Fi and night mode.

5. Sensoria Fitness Smart Sock

The smarter way to run. Improves your running style by identifying and assessing harmful running styles. Pressure sensors give you real-time information, allowing you to monitor foot-landing techniques as you run. and the Virtual Coach within the app provides feedback through audio and video during your run.

6. Quell

Wearable 100% drug free pain relief. Quell uses wearable intensive nerve stimulation (WINS) which is clinically proven to manage chronic pain. Lightweight, designed to be worn 24/7 under clothing, for on-the-go relief wherever and whenever you need it. Also tracks your sleep quality with a Bluetooth connected App.

7. Microsoft Surface Book

The ultimate laptop. Ultra-thin with incredible screen resolution, this innovative laptop is designed to adapt to the way you work - with touch, a Pen or a mouse. Transforms into three different configurations; laptop, clipboard or creative canvas.

8. Harmony Companion remote control

Control for your living room, or your whole home. Control your home automation devices individually or in groups. Customised media playback, satellite and Bluray controls to your preferences. With the Harmony App, your iOS or Android smartphone or tablet becomes your personal universal remote.

9. Epson EH-TW7200 HD 3D Projector

For a powerful and immersive home cinema experience, this projector deliveries full HD images and 2,000 lumen White and Colour Light Output means you can watch your favourite film during the day. Watch 3D content with luminance enhancement technology and rechargeable active shutter 3D glasses.

10. Myo

The Myo armband lets you wirelessly control technology with gestures and motion. Search the web, play music, turn up the volume, switch between applications, Myo reads gestures and motion to seamlessly control technology, touch-free.

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