Plans to regenerate Hillington Square, in King’s Lynn, set to go on show

Plans to regenerate King's Lynn's Hillington square will be launched on October 4.

The unveiling event, to be held at the Town Hall in King's Lynn, will see residents invited to presentations about the plan from Wayne Hemingway and Alex Ely, the lead architect.

The plan has been produced in conjunction with the residents on the Square after a number of consultation events and workshops earlier in the year.

Its unveiling begins a month long period of further consultation before it is submitted for planning approval. During this consultation the proposed plan can be seen at Freebridge's Juniper House office, the West Norfolk council, the Hillington Square Community Centre and the Resource Centre at 60, Hillington Square.

Freebridge chief executive Tony Hall said: 'Providing our tenants with a decent home is at the core of our promises.

'Due to the original design of Hillington Square we have had to take our time to consider the estate as a whole. I believe the proposals we are now putting forward on behalf of the residents will create a neighbourhood in which people want to live.'

Wayne Hemingway added: 'We have been talking to the Hillington Square community about improvements they would like within their homes and within the estate.

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'Many of the ideas that have come from the residents have gelled with those of the design team and we have worked with them to develop a plan for the site.

'There will be ongoing consultation with the residents as each detailed phase is prepared.'

Alex Ely said: 'Our designs for Hillington Square set out to improve quality of life for residents as well as changing the perception of the estate from the outside.'

Residents are being invited to presentations at 4.30pm and 6.30pm on Tuesday, at Lynn Town Hall.