New research names Norwich 'most caring' city in England

View of Norwich city centre looking from the back of the market towards Norwich Castle in the distance

Norwich in Norfolk has been named the 'most caring' town or city in England, after PensionBee analysed data from nine different categories related to community spirit, charitable organisations and efforts to look after the environment. - Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto

High numbers of animal shelters and charity shops have landed Norwich the top spot in a list of the nation's most caring towns and cities, according to new data released by PensionBee.

The online service, which helps consumers to consolidate and transfer existing pensions, looked at 30 of the most populated towns and cities in England and analysed nine factors relating to community spirit, charitable organisations and efforts to look after the environment.

Norwich scored 65.8 overall, followed by Reading with a score of 63.7 and Swindon with a score of 56.8.

Other cities and towns listed in the east of England included Peterborough (56.5), Southend-on-Sea, (48.8) and Luton (40.1).

Norwich city centre and cathedral in England view from Mousehold Heath

Of the 30 most populated towns and cities across England, Norwich had the highest number of animal shelters and charity shops per 100,000 people. - Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto

The towns and cities were scored on a range of factors, including the percentage of household waste sent to be recycled, the number of registered plug-in cars per 100,000 people and the number of households assessed as homeless per 1,000 households.

Norwich, which ranked highly in all categories, was found to have the most charity shops (50) and animal shelters (12) per 100,000 people. 

“Our research highlights the caring nature of many residents in towns and cities across England, based on a range of factors relating to community, charity and the environment," said Romi Savova, CEO of PensionBee.

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“The past year has been difficult, but it’s also brought many of us together and shown how caring our communities can be.

View looking down a row of Victorian terraced houses at dusk in Norwich city centre

CEO of PensionBee, Romi Savova, says that although the past year has been challenging, it's also made communities come together - Credit: Getty Images

"We’ve seen people go out of their way to help vulnerable neighbours (and strangers) survive during tough periods of isolation, while furloughed workforces volunteered at local charities to support them through this challenging time.

"And lest we forget, the cheers that could be heard on Thursday evenings as streets across the country were filled with people standing on their doorsteps to clap for our NHS. 

“When times are tough, communities will often pull together in a show of strength and solidarity.”

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