Norfolk Homes submits plans for 250 new Aylsham homes

A third planning application for a large number of new homes in Aylsham has been submitted to Broadland District Council (BDC).

Norfolk Homes wants to build 250 flats and houses on a site behind and between the Aylsham Lodge hotel and the A140 roundabout, bordering Copeman Road and Buxton Road.

The outline application, which hints at the added possibility of a petrol station, means that developers are now vying to build a total of 800 new homes in Aylsham, where the current population is 6,000.

But Ian Graham, a BDC councillor for Aylsham and member of its planning committee, said he thought Norfolk Homes may have 'missed the boat' if Welbeck Strategic Land's revised plans for 300 homes are approved next month which would mean the green light had been given to a total 550 new Aylsham homes in just under a year.

Norfolk Homes says its development would include 33pc affordable homes.

Access would be from Norwich Road, and there would also be a link to Buxton Road. As well as open and play space, the scheme would include up to 6.85 acres of land for community benefit and the firm has suggested it could try and find and operator and get planning permission on part of it for a petrol station, which is high on the town's wish-list.

Norfolk Homes would also contribute at least �500,000 for community uses which could include helping the football club with its plans, or improving the swimming pool.

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Broadland has already approved plans for 250 homes, 10 football pitches and a clubhouse on farmland off Cawston Road, submitted by Youngs Farms, run by the family of England rugby star Ben Youngs.

And Welbeck's revised plans for land north of Sir Williams's Lane are expected to be discussed by BDC planners at their meeting on September 12. The firm is now promising a package of community benefits including a �1.4m fitness centre and modernised high school swimming pool, plus traffic-improvement measures.

Mr Graham said the joint core strategy covering Broadland up to 2026 envisaged between 300 and 600 new homes in Aylsham.

He recognised the great need for housing in Norfolk but felt about 600 was 'probably sufficient' for Aylsham up to 2026. Mr Graham added: 'Any more and we would have to start looking at whether the infrastructure could support them.'