Opinion: Community drives demand for period terraces in Norwich

Terrace houses with brick built bay windows in the Golden Triangle area of Norwich

Period terraces, like these in the Golden Triangle area of Norwich, are in high demand - Credit: copyright: Archant 2014

The housing market has been rising and surging since the pandemic hit, much to the surprise of many experts and commentators.

With many looking to relocate from around the country, and of course those wanting a better home/work life balance, there has been obvious demand for detached properties with a study, large garden or outbuildings.

But one surprising increase in demand has been for period terraced houses in Norwich. 

Our city is blessed with attractive period homes, some with tree-lined-roads, and those between NR1, NR2, NR3 and NR4 provide easy walking access to the city centre, pubs, restaurants and scenic local parks. 

Young smiling estate agent wearing white open-neck shirt while talking to a client in an office

Jamie Minors, managing director of Minors & Brady, which has branches across the county, believes it's the community aspect that makes period terraces in Norwich so appealing - Credit: Minors & Brady

We have a range of Georgian terraces built between 1815-1830, which often command a superior price due to their charming façade, however the Victorian terraces have proven to rise in popularity, and subsequently price, across Thorpe Hamlet, north city (Silver Triangle) and the Golden Triangle.

So why? Despite many having no parking and obviously being attached, why are these homes in such high demand, despite being built 100-200 years ago? 

For me, it is because a period home in Norwich comes with a sense of community. 

Norwich city centre with coloured market tops looking toward high street and up to the castle

Being within walking distance of the city is also part of the appeal of many period terraces in Norwich - Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto

It isn’t just a house made of bricks from 150 years ago, it’s a home that has history, real character, genuine features and for all their imperfections, they often provide a perfect lifestyle. 

They have walls where you are able to hang art, mirrors and book shelves, and they have fireplaces that are still working (more often than not). 

These homes also have easier to maintain gardens, and provide friendly neighbours to live in a thriving community with, to look out for one another and to be able to still walk down to the local pub. 

In a difficult world where our living standards have been affected, to be in a home that offers some of these priceless lifestyle experiences is why the terrace housing market is thriving and holding its popularity over time.

If you are looking to purchase or sell a period home in Norwich, please do get in touch with myself or the team at our new office at 107 Unthank Road (next to Adnams). Call me on 01603 365085 or e-mail me at jamie@minorsandbrady.co.uk

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