How smart is your home?

Customised, smart home technology

Customised, smart home technology - Credit: Archant

Just how hard is your home working for you? Probably not hard enough! Property editor Caroline Culot learned more about the smart technology we should all be embracing from local firm Customised.


Control the heating in your own home so the house is warm when you need it to be ie: when you wake up and have to get out of bed or for example, when you come in from work…but only in the rooms you need it to be


Put the lights on at home for when you get in selecting the rooms you want and select the right mood too..

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Select your favourite tunes to be playing when you walk in the door


Lock your house up remotely and set up security cameras all viewed remotely so you can check on things at home when you are at work or even on holiday. - home technology can be used to alert you when there is a fire or smoke detected and guide you to a safe exit. Intruders can be captured on high definition cameras with snapshots sent to your mobile devices. Get alerts from your home when the kids return home from school and even get contacted by your home if a burst pipe is detected. If you need a door unlocked for a delivery you can do it without ever leaving the office.

Energy saving

Home technology can reduce your energy bills for heating, lighting and electrical appliance energy consumption. You can even have a shower system set up which tells you when you need to be getting out so you don't use too much water and you can see how much energy you are saving and how much you are using

Comfort & convenience

Home technology is able to learn your habits for heating, lighting and entertainment purposes bundling them up in a mobile app that gives complete control when you are home or away. Curtains or blinds can be opened or closed all at the touch of a button, your oven and washing machine can be operated remotely and you could be alerted when a cycle has finished and appliances can also send an alert when they need cleaning or servicing.


Multi-room music is now easily achievable in any home, brands such as Sonos and Denon have systems which start from under £200, sound terrific and often do not need professional installation. Intelligent heating control using smart thermostats from the likes of Nest and Honeywell are reducing household energy bills by learning your habits and only heating spaces when required, smarter heating control is another under £200 outlay.Contact for more information.