Three tips to help you decorate your new home for autumn

Books and vases on retro cabinet next to comfortable sofa with pillows

Decorating to your personal taste is one of the most exciting things about buying a new home - Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto

Annette Hurst, sales director at David Wilson Homes Eastern Counties, shares her top tips for making the most of your living spaces this autumn.

Decorating to your personal taste is arguably the most exciting part of purchasing a new home.

Our properties are the perfect blank canvas to let your creative juices flow and put a stamp on the home once you’ve moved in.

If you have visited our show homes previously, you will have seen how expertly designed the interiors are and there’s no reason why you can’t take inspiration from the stunning décor to emulate the same ambiance in your new home.

We’ve spent more time at home than ever over the last 18 months which puts into perspective how important it is to make your living space an enjoyable setting to spend time in. Consider what your needs are now that you’ve had time to reflect on what you really want from your living spaces.

As making interior design choices can be an overwhelming process, particularly when starting from scratch, we’ve put together a few suggestions on how to begin.

Brown and orange pillows on white bed in natural bedroom interior with wicker lamp and wooden bedsid

To transition to autumn, choose a warmer colour palette - Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto

1 Use warmer colours for a seamless transition from summer to autumn

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Warmer colours are generally used in autumn as they’re a soft transition from the cool bright colours of summer to the cosy, atmospheric colours of autumn. Many of them complement each other so you’re able to use more than one in the same room.

Gold, yellow, and orange shades will bring a breath of autumn into your living space. From furniture pieces, paint for the walls or small decorations, you can use your imagination and use it according to your wishes.

Typical autumn colours are natural tones from cream to sand, to shades of brown. Red and yellow are also great choices and can highlight the warmth of the room.

3d scene of interior with armchair and flowery wallpaper

Brighten your home with patterns and plants - Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto

2 Brighten your home with patterns, plants and scents

Bold and punchy prints are making a comeback this season, turning any space from drab to fab.

House plants are also very popular and will make a new home feel more ‘lived in’.

Autumn is a season which evokes a sense of cosiness with winter right around the corner, so why not invest in some autumn-scented candles and reed diffusers to settle in for the night?

Old wooden antique chest of drawers with metal handles closeup, open drawer shelf. Shabby chic vinta

Give old furniture a makeover or mix old with new - Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto

3 Mix up old and new

An increasingly popular trend is to mix old and new to create an eclectic feel to your home.

Why not give that old coffee table a new lease of life, and re-paint in one of this season’s on trend colours?

Finish the look with quirky accessories and don’t forget the sofa! Give it an overhaul by adding a variety of patterned and textured statement cushions that can be changed to match the mood of the season.

David Wilson Homes will be launching show homes at our Woodland Heath development in Sprowston this month. If you are looking for a new home and would like to get some interior design inspiration, book an appointment with one of our sales advisers.

For more information, call the David Wilson Homes sales team on 033 3355 8489 or visit

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