UK's priciest house number revealed

Row of narrow Victorian terraces on a steep road at dusk in Norwich, England

Analysis by has revealed which house numbers have reached premium prices so far this year - Credit: Getty Images

New research suggests that getting the best deal for your property could be more of a numbers game than first thought.

Estate agent comparison site,, has revealed that single digit house numbers, especially number one, are among the most valuable.

The team analysed the sold price records for the year so far and compiled a list of the most valuable house numbers across the UK. To qualify, they must have been a residential property and the number must have had more than 100 sales transactions so far this year.

Excluding London, the most valuable house number in the UK was number one, with 7,523 number one homes sold so far in 2021.

Typically, a home numbered one fetches an average price of £279,950 - almost £24,000 more than the UK house price index's current UK average of £256,000, but well below the East of England average of £312,076.

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Homes numbered two also scored highly, with 7,463 house sales and an average selling price of £272,500.

House number one in white color on a blue metal plate on stone wall and branch of rose plant hanging

According to data from, houses numbered one fetch a more premium price - Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto

Numbers four (£265,000), six (£262,500), three (£260,000), five (£260,000), eight (£258,400) and seven (£255,000) dominated the rest of the top spots, followed by the famous number 10 with an average price of £255,000.

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And just edging into the top ten was perhaps a surprising anomaly - number 157 - which scores an average price of £255,000.

In London, the most valuable house number is 23, with 347 transactions reaching an average price of £580,000. This is closely followed by number 46 (£570,000) and number 64 (£553,000).

Colby Short, founder and CEO of, said: “The UK housing market is booming - prices are up 13% on the year and demand is hitting all time highs.

"Moving forward, the market is showing little sign of slowing and while a small number of buyers may have postponed their search now that the stamp duty holiday has ended, they will be dipping a foot back in the market very soon.

"All in all, sellers should feel very confident in today’s market, safe in the knowledge that there are plenty of eager buyers out there. But your chances of selling for a better price are even higher if you live in a house with one of the most valuable house numbers attached to it.”

House for sale and letting signs against a lush green shrub in England, UK

Colby Short, founder of, says that the UK property market is booming - Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto

But David Hinton, sales manager at Brown & Co in Norwich, doesn't agree that the number necessarily affects the price. "Generally speaking, a house number really does not make any difference to price and certainly doesn’t influence our valuation of a property.

“The quality of a house, the size of its garden and proximity to local services are all considerably more important than its number."

Separate research by insurance company Admiral has revealed the nation's most popular house names - and where to find them.

The Cottage, Rose Cottage and The Bungalow were among the most popular, along with The Coach House, The School House and The Lodge.

Admiral also analysed postcodes across the UK to identify which areas had the most named houses. While nowhere in Norfolk was listed, Ipswich in Suffolk ranked tenth.

Peter Ogilvie, of Savills in Ipswich, said: "We have a fine selection of houses with some lovely names – many of which reflect the history of the property or its surroundings. It’s an opportunity for the owner to add a little bit of their own personality, creating somewhere that really does feel like home."

Admiral's research also revealed that almost three quarters of homes with names had owners aged between 46 and 65.

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